24 Hours in Budapest

I never imagined Budapest to be as beautiful as it is. I was surprised and delighted and had a wonderful time exploring for an entire day! We only hit the touristy spots (that’s all we had time for!) but it was fun and I don’t regret a thing!

So here is how my day went!


After buying some yummy croissants and coffee for breakfast, we headed towards St. Stevens basilica, a huge church with a large dome and beautiful portico. It reminded me a little of St. Pauls in London, just smaller.

St. Stevens Basilica
St. Stevens Basilica

Across the large plaza, we headed down Oktober Street, and found ourselves looking at a monument to WWII. Apparently, the government put it up secretly, because it makes Hungary look like a victim of Nazi control. It outraged the people of Budapest, because they know that the country did not fall victim, Hungary had welcomed the Nazis with open arms. Although they are not proud of this, they believe that they should remember the past the way it is and not put a veil on it. I thought it was a very interesting spot, I am really glad we found it!

WWI Monument, and the peoples reaction to it..
WWI Monument, and the peoples reaction to it..

Next, we found the river and went across on the Chain Bridge. On the other side, we could see the Palace and a tall church… It looked spectacular! We walked up a ton of stairs and finally got to see the palace, where we walked around the grounds for a bit.

Beautiful Matthias Church

Then we came across the Matthias church, with a beautifully tiled rooftop. Next to it is the Fisherman’s Bastion, which was built to honor the fishermen who helped protect the city during the middle ages.

How cool is this Fisherman's Bastion?!
How cool is this Fisherman’s Bastion?!

Also, itΒ has pretty spectacular views of the famous Parliament building across the Danube river!

Our amazing view of the Parliament building from across the river!
Our amazing view of the Parliament building from across the river!

After we had our lunch in a nice vegetarian restaurant, we wandered down the river and saw a big hill with a statue on top, so of course we were curious and started climbing. It was very steep, but we managed to make it and got to see the statue and found an old citadel on top as well. The statue is a woman holding a raven feather, and kind of like the Statue of Liberty in the USA, she is strong but peaceful. Back down the hill and across the river, we visited the Central Market and bought some delicious pastries (if you cant tell already, I love pastries!) and wandered down a very touristy street.


After a little rest at the hostel, we returned to the river to experience the views again, but this time with the glowing lights. The palace and church were particularly beautiful, and the Parliament building as well.

The only thing I would like to have seen was the famous Opera House, but due to time issues (and us getting lost), we unfortunately missed it.

What do you like to do in Budapest? Comment below!


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