A Day in Dubrovnik: a photo-diary

A lot of the beauty I found in Dubrovnik is hard to explain with words. Instead, I’d like to show you some of the many (*ahem* 300) pictures I took over the course of one day in this extraordinary city!

A Day in Dubrovnik- a photo diary

Croatian Flag

Cliffside of the Dubrovnik Wall

Rooftops in Dubrovnik

Hey don't mind me!Hey don’t mind me! Just sitting on somebody’s house enjoying this brief ray of sunshine!

RooftopsI really am obsessed with antiquated beauty of these rooftops…

Boats in Dubrovnik…And the perfect blue of the water.

We love that viewWe just can’t get enough of this view! That’s probably why we stayed up there for 2 hours!

outside the wallsExploring a little outside the walls (and trying not to get splashed!).

Dubrovnik after Dark

Dubrovnik after dark: a perfect end to a perfect day.

Read about more of my Croatian adventures here: A Few Days in Croatia!


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