A Few Days in Croatia

Croatia has been on my travel radar for a while now. I’ve seen countless pictures of Plitvice Lakes, the Dalmatian Coast, and the fortified city of Dubrovnik. With a few extra days to spare in this crazy adventure, I jumped on the chance to go there!

Day 1:


From Budapest, our train terminated in Zagreb, the Croatian capital city. We really only stayed here as a base for Plitvice Lakes National Park, but we had a fun time exploring the little streets and the bustling downtown area. My favorite part was a museum, quite random and unexpected, the Museum of Broken Relationships. It’s basically this: people from around the world have contributed their stories, along with a token, of a broken relationship. It went from long lost friends to lovers to parents, with some funny, some heart-breaking memoirs. But the whole concept is put together so well, it’s beautiful.

Day 2:


We hopped on an early morning bus from Zagreb to Plitvice that day. It was absolutely stunning. It was serene and… well, see for yourself in my previous post The Fairytale World of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Day 3:

Diocletian's Palace

Back in Zagreb we took a train into Split. This was our first day of rain, but we hoped it would stop by the time we got to the city. It didn’t. In fact it rained all day, night, and into the next day. When we arrived, we wandered around the city looking for a place to stay (with no umbrellas!). It all eventually worked itself out, and we ended up meeting a great new friend!

There we explored old Diocletian’s Palace (pictured above). Other than that, there’s honestly nothing else I wanted to do in Split, and as far as I could tell, we didn’t miss anything!

Day 4:


After a morning walk in Split, we said our goodbyes and hopped on a bus to Dubrovnik. It’s hard for me to say that the Dalmatian Coast is one of the most beautiful coastlines I have ever seen (so far!), coming from a girl who loves her California so much! It truly is spectacular. And we had great views the entire drive! I can only imagine what it looks like out to sea…

In Dubrovnik we rented one room in an apartment, but ended up having the whole thing to ourselves! It was right in the heart of old town, so it was like we were locals for a day! The city is built mostly in marble, so after the rain and the sun had gone away, the lanterns reflected a gorgeous soft glow on the shiny streets.

Day 5:


With the whole day ahead of us in Dubrovnik, we leisurely wandered up and around the old city walls. From here, we had the best views of the turquoise waters and the orange ceramic rooftops covered in moss (you can see more pictures here). For two hours the sky was teasing us with brief rays of sunshine followed by rain, then sunshine, then rain again. But it was all gorgeous! Everything there is so well maintained (the whole city is a UNESCO site), so even though it is all very old, it seems timeless. I could have wandered up and down the dreamy small streets and alleyways all day…

But like all good dreams, it had to end, because we had an early bus into Bosnia and Herzegovina the next day! If anyone is considering a visit to Croatia, I highly recommend it. The people are friendly, the coast is… unbelievably gorgeous, and there is so much to explore! When I return someday, I’d like to stay on one of their many islands for a while.

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