Exploring the British Isles

So last week I was joined by one of my best friends in London! We spent an incredible 5 days in the city (one of my favorites in the entire world!), had a days excursion out to Stonehenge, explored the city of Bath and it’s Roman history, had a lovely few days in Edinburgh, and then Ireland! Our entire mini British Isles adventure has been wonderful in so many ways, but I’ll just give you some of the highlights of what we did!!

The British Museum, London britThis amazing museum is one of my favorite places in the entire world! It makes sense, because I love history, I’m crazy about art, and I totally dig archaeology (haha, get it?!). This museum has it all and more! Although I have mixed feelings about some of it’s artifacts being taken from their original locations, I’m glad I get to go see all of it. Also, it’s completely free! The most popular exhibits are the Egyptian and Greek ones, but be sure not to miss other parts this huge museum has to offer!

Evening Strolls by the River Thames, London londonAhh, London at dusk is such a beautiful place. I feel like a purple haze falls over the city as it starts to turn on it’s lights and glow. This picture is from Southbank, an area of the city I had never really explored before, but I loved its energy and views along the river. I also love seeing the Tower Bridge all lit up at night… it’s pretty breathtaking! Bottom line: I absolutely adore London. Especially this particular time of day. By the river. Amazing.

Stonehenge stoneSo after 4 visits to England previously and not seeing Stonehenge, I finally put my foot down and decided I was going this time no matter what! It actually worked out great, our time was up in London and we had a day before our journey to Scotland, so it fit into our schedule perfectly! Aside from expensive train rides, the day couldn’t have been better. Stonehenge is so incredible. I feel like it’s one of those places you have to witness to feel it’s greatness, and I recommend it to all travelers in the southern UK. Seriously, if you’re near it, go.

The Roman Baths in Bath, England bathsWe were a little hesitant at first to pay the 16 pounds to get into the Roman Baths, especially because we weren’t sure if it was just a big swimming pool or not, but I am so glad we did.  The museum is so informative, and they show all of the background magic of the baths. What I found really cool was that the Romans believed that the natural hot spring was the dwelling of a goddess, so they built her a temple and you can see the remains to this day! So cool! And the water is still steaming and bubbling! Read more about it here.

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

scotlandFor those of you who don’t know what Arthur’s Seat is: it is an old volcano situated just on the edge of the city of Edinburgh. There are tons of paths and little tiny trails leading to the top, and it is pretty steep. Despite this, we saw people of all ages out for a stroll up this gorgeously grassy hillside! The view from the top is what they all hike it for I’m guessing, because I don’t think there could be a better view of the whole city! It took us about 2 hours to go all the way up to the trippy top and back down again, and it was worth every second.

The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

moherThis amazing place was a little difficult to get to from Dublin, and we actually didn’t arrive until half past five in the evening! So we got 30 minutes in the visitor center, and then a few hours with this view. It is absolutely incredible here. The cliffs are an impressive 700ft high! What I loved most, though, was the colors. This picture doesn’t quite do them enough justice, but the almost-black cliffside contrasted with the white in the sea foam and clouds, and then paired with the bright green grass and dark teal water… it was enough to make us stare for over an hour! Unfortunately, it got dark soon after this, otherwise we probably would have stayed longer!

I can’t really say which part was my favorite… I had such a great time everywhere! But I do know that I need to come back and spend A LOT more time exploring the countryside of this charming set of islands because I loved it so much! I’m thinking road trip!!

british isles
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