Becoming a Chicagoan

I recently moved from my little hometown in Southern California to the amazing city of Chicago. Whenever I tell people that they always say, “oh my god, why??”

The answer is simple: Love.

I met a great guy while backpacking through Croatia, and although we were travelling inΒ completely different directions, we managed to stay in touch and fall head over heels for each other (it’s adorable, I know). So, long story short, here I am!


Moving away was pretty hard. It was one thing to be travelling for four months, but I knew I would be coming home so I didn’t think anything of it. But moving? I had lived in that tiny town my whole life, so leaving everything I knew was tough.

Fortunately, Chicago’s a pretty awesome city to live in so far.

I still love riding the “L” train downtown. I still get excited to see the Sears (“Willis”) Tower every morning. And don’t even get me started on the fabulous architecture, the shimmering blue of Lake Michigan, and the Chicago Dogs…. *mouth waters*

Honestly, after my big Europe trip, my tiny town didn’t seem enough for my adventurous soul. Now, I get to feel like a tourist every day because there is constantly something new going on, and I absolutely love it.



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