What I’m wanderlusting about now

Most of my wanderlust dreams were fulfilled during my Europe backpacking adventure earlier this year. But as any wanderluster would know, travelling doesn’t end wanderlust, it feeds it.

So yes I got to check some places off of the bucket list (Paris: check, Rome: check!). But I also missed some great places, sometimes within the city I visited (ex. Saint Chappelle Cathedral in Paris or The Appia Antica in Rome…).

Also, meeting tons of other backpackers and hearing where they had been, or were going, made me long for those new places I knew almost nothing about.

So although I am in the middle of the semester with practically zero savings, I’m still going to dream about where I’m going next. Here’s an idea:

  • Iceland- because, hello, it’s kind of amazing
  • Thailand- if it involves elephants, amazing food and tropical climates, I’m in
  • India- read “Thailand” above
  • Chile/Peru/Bolivia- these are together because that would be one awesome trip to Torres del Paine, Machu Picchu, and Salar de Uyuni
  • Portugal- out of all the countries I wanted to go this year, this was the only one I didn’t make it to. Soon!
  • Canada- now that I live so close, I cannot wait to go

Where are you wanderlusting to go?

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