New York, New York!

So after 20 years and 21 countries… I finally got to visit the East Coast! And not just anywhere on the East Coast…

New York City!!!

nyc timessquare

Although it was freezing and rained most of the time my boyfriend and I were there (thanks, Hurricane Joaquin!), I had such an amazing time!

There is so much I want to do in NYC, but only getting two days, it was just not possible. But that didn’t stop me! I narrowed the list down to what I wanted to see most, and just went from there.

ncy empireDay 1:

After going out to breakfast, we headed from the Lower East side where we were staying towards all the action by Central Park. We passed by the Empire State, so we went into the lobby but did not go up to the observation deck mostly because it was so cloudy out. Then we passed by a few more cool places like the Rockefeller Center and the huge New York Public Library.


We stopped for coffee (it was sooooo cold out) and then wandered into Central Park. Because of the bad weather, the entire park was basically deserted. As in, we only passed maybe 10 other people the whole time we were there, it was incredible.

Central park

After posing with the Alice in Wonderland statue, we wandered more. I got totally turned around here! I knew this place was big but WOW I never expected anything like it.

nyc central park

We decided to head back via Broadway, where we got to admire the many lights of Times Square. There we ate some yummy street food and tried not to get hit in the face with umbrellas!

nyc flatiron

Also, further down Broadway we saw the Flatiron building, which is one of the original skyscrapers in the city, iconic for it’s thin triangular shape.

And when I say thin, I mean thin:

This is literally how wide the Flatiron is at the point!
This is literally how wide the Flatiron is at the point!


Day 2:

Our second day started with a brunch. Since my boyfriend had plans with his New Yorker buddy, I got to explore whatever I wanted at my own pace. I had the whole city to myself!

nyc brooklyn bridge

I started by walking down to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a little far to walk, but I loved it. New York is such a walkable city. However, I was super confused at how to actually get onto the bridge because I made the mistake of walking all the way to the water and the entrance is a few blocks inland, whoops! But eventually I got up there and looked up to the gothic arches in all of their glory; so beautiful, and of course, so busy also.

Next I walked to the 9/11 Memorial to pay my respects. I didn’t, however, go into the museum. Instead I walked next to the water to try and get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty- yeah, it didn’t work out. This was all I could see:

statue of liberty-- sort of

So I took the subway back downtown. The hardest decision of the day was which art museum to visit, they have so many great options! But I absolutely had to go see Starry Night, so the MoMA ultimately won. It was a good decision, it is an amazing museum! I would definitely recommend it.

nyc marilyn

So those were my two days of sightseeing! Next time I’ll definitely check out a few more museums, take a few more hours to stroll through Central Park, go to Coney Island, the Statue of Liberty…. ugh, so much left on my list!

Any recommendations?

2 Days in New York
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