How to Fill Your Home with Wanderlust

Besides the overall experience, the most important part of any journey are the memories you make. I, for one, want to be surrounded by these memories everyday.

So although it’s weird showing everyone pictures of the inside of my apartment, I wanted to share some of my easy DIY ways to surround yourself with happy wanderlust memories!


I love postcards. Seriously, big fan. They are basically the only souvenir I buy on my trips because 1) they are cheap, 2) they are super light, and 3) they have cool pictures that you may not be able to get (ex. A bird’s eye shot, a vintage picture, etc.)

They are also really great for decorating on the wall:

Decorating with postcards

Or on the fridge!

decorating with postcards


Alright, it’s obvious. One of the best ways to bring wanderlust home is simply with maps and globes and your own travel photos! See, easy DIY!

Decorating with Maps


So this one isn’t as easy, but you can stitch your travel route onto a pillow, just like my BFF did for our road trip (she’s the best!).

Pillow map


You don’t have to be an amazing artist to fill your home with paintings! I found this one at my local thrift store for $3, and it reminds me of my time in Paris whenever I look at it.

Decorating with paintings


No headboard? No problem! Just grab some washi tape and a picture of your favorite city’s skyline and go for it!

Skyline headboard


While I’ll probably have a separate post about it, I had to include scrapbooking. A personal favorite since my Grandma taught me, scrapbooking is a super fun way to get creative with all of your photos, ticket stubs and more.


How do you wanderlust-ify your home?

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