My Chicago Bucketlist

I made the leap to The Windy City from my hometown in Southern California in July earlier this year. Besides having to do all the boring adult stuff like registering my car in a new state, figuring out school, finding a new job, etc., etc., I have been able to do a few fun touristy things.

Some of them have been going to the “Bean” sculpture in Millennium Park, riding the “El” trains,  seeing the Chicago Theater and having a (veggie) Chicago Dog.  And I had a blast doing all of these things!

But then the other day I realized I’ve been here for FIVE months and I still have so much left to do and see.

Chicago Bucketlist

My touristy bucketlist for the city I now call home is:

  1. See the “Bean” in the snow (check!) I have seen pictures of this and it looks so stunning! And hopefully there won’t be many other people so I can get a really good shot!
  2. Go to a Blues Bar. Chicago in the Roaring Twenties fascinates me. They had the Speakeasies where people would come for a drink and to listen to some of the best music around. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. Go to the Observation Deck in the Sears Tower (check!) 103 stories up, where you can walk on glass and look 103 stories right beneath you. Sounds thrilling!
  4. Do an architecture tour. One of the most highly recommended activities from friends and family has been to do an architecture tour. Chicago has some of the coolest architecture I have ever seen, and I’d love to learn more about it.
  5. Swim in Lake Michigan (check!) I was here during the perfect time (July and August) but I never put on my bikini and jumped in. The water is so clear and beautiful, especially at the Indiana Dunes State Park, which is only an hours drive from the city.
  6. Visit more museums. So far, I can check off the Art Institute, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Science and Industry. But there are at least 4 more I want to visit.  *Update! I recently visited the Shedd Aquarium, and oh my goodness it’s amazing! I never would have thought I would see whales there!


As I check these off next year, I’ll definitely update you and add pictures if applicable! In the meantime, what should I be adding to my list?


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